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Online Music & Audio Production



Audiostorm is a small studio based in Santa Catarina, Brazil providing online audio and music production services,
we focus mainly in Mixing, Mastering and Music Production.

Our mission is to make your music sound great! No matter what style or genre.

We also provide editing and audio processing services for voice-overs and music production classes.



Jota Cover.jpg

Jota Guip - Jota Apresenta: Mineiro Ben 13 (2019)


Producer and Beatmaker Jota Guip debut album featuring many different artists from the São Paulo Rap scene, specially Mineiro Ben 13 as the main lyricist.

Featuring on the album on vocals we have MC Soneka, Joyce, Thayna, Johnny and Lincoln. Also Leonardo Oliveira on drums and Denison Fernandes on electric guitar.

Recorded between March 2018 and January 2019 at MM Estudio.

Mixed and Mastered by Lucas Gatti e Jota Guip.

Desce Do Sonho Cover.jpg

João Suplicy - Desce Do Sonho (2019)


Artist João Suplicy most recent single with pop and blues elements.

Mixed and Mastered by Lucas Gatti.


Elo Urbano - Novo Milênio (2019)


Elo Urbano is a Rap duo featuring Samuca and Zef from São Paulo’s south district.
The perfect blend of old and new school rap.

Mixed and Mastered by Lucas Gatti.

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5 Asas - Outras Maneiras (2019)


A band formed by aviation crewmembers spearheaded by lyricist Ronaldo Ramos, an album with a blend of many different genres featuring Lorena Zei on vocals, Felipe Berg on violin, Matheus Henrique on bass, Lucas Gatti on guitars and Vinicius Bicudo on drums.

Recorded at MM Estudio in 2018.

Mixed and Mastered by Lucas Gatti.


Helllight - As We Slowly Fade (2018)

Funeral Doom Metal

Helllight is one of the first brazilian funeral doom metal bands formed in 1996 by Fabio de Paula (vocals and guitar) also featuring Alexandre Vida on bass and Renan Bianchi on drums.

Released on November 2018 by Solitude Productions.

Mixed and Mastered by Lucas Gatti.


Mayki Fabiani - Tempestade Brasileira (2018)

Prog Metal

Guitarist Mayki Fabiani’s debut album, an instrumental album with elements of brazilian music and prog metal. On the players lineup we have Mayki Fabiani on guitars, Bruno Ladislau on bass, Felipe Morais on drums and special features of Elida Olmedo on flute, Valdir Maia on cello and Edu Ardanuy on guitar.

Recorded at MM Estudio between 2017 and 2018.

Mixed and Mastered by Lucas Gatti.


Gabi Gonzalez - Com Elas (2018)

Brazilian Instrumental Music

An excellent instrumental piece by guitarist Gabi Gonzalez influenced by Jazz, Groove and Brazilian Traditional Music featuring Gê Ruiz on bass, Bianca Predieri on drums, Roberta Kelly on percussion and Sintia Piccin on Sax.

Recorded live on MM Estudio.

Mixed and Mastered by Lucas Gatti.

Metallic Fairing.jpg

Denison Fernandes - Metallic Fairing (2017)


Guitarist Denison Fernandes solo work, featuring Leandro Caçoilo on vocals, Bruno Ladislau on bass and Sepultura’s drummer Eloy Casagrande.

Recorded by Ricardo Nagata in 2008 at Creative Sound.

Mixed in 2017 at MM Estudio by Lucas Gatti and Mastered by Denison Fernandes.

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The Producer:

Lucas Gatti, graduated in 2013 majoring Music Production on Anhembi Morumbi University, worked with major brazilian and international artists like: Dance of Days, Detonator, Eric Gales, Edu Ardanuy, Michel Leme, João Suplicy and Julio Fejuca.

Highly experienced on the Softwares Pro-Tools, Logic Pro X and Melodyne.




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